Private Group Ski Lessons

Private group ski lessons as opposed to group ski lessons are recommended to families, friends, colleagues, or any group of up to 5 persons who know each other well and want to learn to ski alone. Private group ski lessons are much cheaper than one to one tuition, and can be the better option if you share the same ability level, and are on the same page of  what you want to learn and achieve. This type of ski lessons are also recommended to families with children where parents can assist the instructor and speed up the learning process. Children and especially kids can be shy sharing whether they are tired, hungry, wet or their thoughts in general. We know the ski instructors that are good with children. We never had problems, but there are also parents who just can’t leave their children alone. What if your group is bigger, let us say, six or seven persons and still want to learn to ski together in private. No problems, but be aware of our remarks and submit a request as early as possible.

Ski lessons for 2 to 5 persons

The prices in the chart are for 2 persons being taught together. Add a 55 BGN a day per additional person for the 2-hour lesson and 65 BGN for the 4-hour ones.

2 persons 2 hours 4 hours
1 Day
265 BGN
430 BGN
2 Days
505 BGN
815 BGN
3 Days
735 BGN
1175 BGN
4 Days
955 BGN
1530 BGN
5 Days
1160 BGN
1860 BGN
6 Days
1350 BGN
2170 BGN

Private Group Transport to Gondola Upper Station

During the high season, on holidays or on weekends the Gondola ski lift is busy. The queue can be truly horrendous. Waiting for hours and missing the start of your lessons is not an option, so we offer you a private group transport to Gondola Upper Station at a reasonable price.

Private Ski Lessons Reservations

We handle private groups with utmost attention and do our best to find your group the ski instructor you deserve. During the high season, on holidays, and on weekends in general ski instructors are busy. We kindly ask you to submit your request using the form below as early as possible. You will give as enough time to consider all of your group needs.  If you have any questions upfront you can contact us on WhatsApp, Viber, or Facebook Messenger via the Live Chat button located on the bottom right corner of this page.