Private Group Snowboarding Lessons

This is our snowboarding lessons best seller and here is why:

  1. The learning curve of snowboarding is much different to that of skiing. Arount 80% percent of snowboarders are beginners. Skiing is somewhat easier to learn for a beginner since it allows movement of both legs. Since it is a challenge people prefer to do it together.
  2. Intermediate snowboarders are more self-learners than skiers. They rarely purchase lessons, they are after park snowboarding and tricks, and prefer one to one tuition.
  3. Unlike skiing, which is more sort of a on-piste sport, snowboarding is more about off-piste and powder. Off-piste fun and safety is 90%  small group experience. Groups just want someone to take them off-piste. It is either their first time or they want to try a new route. In both cases you need an instructor, expert ski zone knowledge and off-piste expertise. 
  4. Many long-term skiers want to give snowboarding a try together. We never had a group of snowboarders who want it to learn skiing.
  5. Private group lessons are much cheaper than one to one lessons.
Group snowboarding lesson discounts

The prices in the chart are for 2 persons being taught together. Add a 50 a day per additional person for the 2-hour lesson and 60 for the 4-hour ones.

8 Persons 2 hours 4 hours
1 Day
90 BGN
130 BGN
2 Days
150 BGN
240 BGN
3 Days
210 BGN
340 BGN
4 Days
265 BGN
5 Days
6 Days

Group snowboarding lessons reservations

Finding the right snowboard instructor is never easy. Bansko is popular destination for Israeli tourists and 70% of them are snowboarders. All of them come in groups. There is a great demand with people often sending request and booking months ahead. Please, let us know as early as possible.