One to One Snowboarding Lessons in Bansko

If you want to be up snowboarding in an hour one to one lessons is the way to go. All of our snowboarding instructors are certified professionals who can instantly sense your learning style and speed up the learning process. Snowboarding is demanding sport and you may be exhausted after two hours of lessons. but we still recommend booking a full day. Even on your first day you will be able to snowboard a blue slope, which will get you motivated to further improve in the next days. Regardless how fit and what type of learner you are, if you are a beginner you need a minimum number of 3 full days of lessons. Many companies lure customers into booking half-day packages and promise big results, but we think that getting the right stance starts from the very beginning and half-day lessons are more suited for upper-intermediate and advanced snowboarders who need more correction and perspective. Snowboarding fun comes with deep snow, off-piste and terrain park activities. Our snowboarind lessons are for all of you who want to take it to the next level as well. On-piste, off-piste, deep snow techniques and sound terrain park techniques are only a part of our one to one snowborading tuition experience. You will be watched and corrected all the time. You will be pushed to better turn and feel speed. White Wolf Ski works with most of the best instructors in Bansko and our individual snowboarding lesson prices are cheap taking in account of what and how fast you will learn. Feel free to ask your questions upfront using our LiveChat service or by sibmitting the request at the bottom of this page. You can also email us and call us anytime within working hours. The more we know the better we can serve you.

1 Person 2 Hours 4 Hours
1 Day
185 BGN
2 Days
370 BGN
695 BGN
3 Days
555 BGN
1000 BGN
4 Days
740 BGN
1300 BGN
5 Days
925 BGN
1570 BGN
6 Days
1110 BGN
1835 BGN