One to One Ski Lessons in Bansko

One to one ski lessons are the fastest and most exciting way to learn to ski. Even if you are on a budget we strongly recommend you consider booking private as opposed to group ski lessons. Yes, individual ski lessons are pricy, but you learn twice as fast as within a group. The ski instructor is in charge of you and you only. You experience and learn more in a given day. You learn better and progress faster. Money is not a factor. Ski instructors earn the same or more on group lessons. All the ski instructors we work with are certified professionals. They give their best regardless whether it is a group or one to one ski lesson. It is simply the time that they can dedicate you and the fast forward approach and feedback. You are watched and corrected all the time. On the slope you are followed and watched, at the chair lift you learn theory and ask questions. There is no time loss and a day of one to one ski lessons may well equal 3 days of group ski lessons. The ski instructor job and goal is to teach you. He or she gets subconsciously motivated by your progress, and by seeing the immediate results. Another factor is mental pressure and exhaustion. Ski instructors are more relaxed teaching one or two people, showing that same excersices, correcting that same mistakes, and answerting that same questions once. Individual ski lessons are the instructor’s day off. They will teach you better. Complete novice, intermediate, upper intermediate and advance skiers equally benefit from booking private. Check our private ski lessons prices below. The bigger the duration of your ski lessons package, the bigger the discount.

Days 2 hours 4 hours
1 Day
185 BGN
365 BGN
2 Days
370 BGN
695 BGN
3 Days
555 BGN
1000 BGN
4 Days
740 BGN
1300 BGN
5 Days
925 BGN
1570 BGN
6 Days
1110 BGN
1835 BGN

One to One Ski Lessons Reservations

Finding the right ski instructor is never easy. Skiing and snowboarding have never been that popular. Bansko is beloved by British, Irish, Russian, Israeli, Romanian, Serbian, Greek, and other tourists and demand is up each and every year. Now picture one to one tuition, finding each student a ski instructor has never been easy. Spoken language, ability level, special needs, it is all a must. We kindly ask you to book your lessons as early as possible, and at least a week prior to start if you want to learn to ski on Christmas, New Year, during the half-term and even on weekends when all local tourists are free to ski. If you have any question you can contact us on WhatsApp, Viber, by calling or emailing us. You can book your ski lessons and equipment rentals directly, or you can submit using the form below.