Equipment Rental

Skiing or snowboarding, which one should I choose?

Well, we ski and snowboard and we like them both. In general, skiing is older and much more popular sport across the globe. More people pick up the skis to start with probably because of the natural position of the body. Your feet are separated and you are face forward toward the slope. On the contrary, if you are not that agile and you had knee problems or you twisted your ankles in the past snowboard is the better choice. After years of skiing and snowboarding we have noticed that the learning curve of skiing is endless, while we reached a certain snowboard level and stopped progressing. 

Why should I book online?

By booking online you help us plan accordingly and do our job better. You will save a bunch of time and a lot of hassle. To name a few:
* We will be expecting you knowing your time of arrival
* We will know your skis, snowboard or boots size
* We will be able to answer your questions in advance

What information do I need to provide to make an online booking?

Depending on the equipment you want to rent, we may need an information about your weight, height, shoe size, age, ability level, or what type of skier you are. Based on this data, we will select suitable skis, snowboard, boots, and adjust your bindings.

Is it possible to collect my skis or snowboard the day before?

Yes, you are welcome to pick up your gear from 4 pm on the previous day. You can hire ski equipment for the next day or collect the equipment you have pre-booked online. We strongly recommend it, because fitting takes time. By collecting your winter gear the day before you will be ready to board the Gondola Ski Lift avoiding queues and all sorts of hassle. 

I have my own ski | snowboard boots?

If you made the right choice that is even better. Feel free to bring your to the store, so that we adjust the ski or snowboard bindings. You may also try our boots and see what fits better.

I have my own skis or snowboard, can I rent just boots?

Of course. Bring your skis to adjust the bindings and check what will suit you best.

Can I leave my skis, snowboard and/or boots in the store on a daily basis?

Yes, of course. The choice to leave them at the store or return your gear on the last day of service is yours.

Do you provide lockers?

No, unfortunately not. We are a small rental shop, which focus on providing winter gear rentals only.

Are skis and snowboards serviced for free?

Yes, if you are to rent a 5- or 6 day rental package. Ski and snowboard rentals for 4 or less days are serviced for free only in case of abrupt change of snow and weather conditions.

Can I rent a helmet?

Yes. This is what we believe in and recommend. In most ski zones across the world wearing a helmet is obligatory. Skiing and snowboarding are not the safest of sports, so we recommend you to invest €2.5 daily. This is what a helmet costs a day, and it may save your life.

Can I rent goggles?

Helmets are about safety, while goggles are absolute necessity. It can be windy, snowy of foggy, which makes skiing without goggle from dangerous to impossible. if you haven’t bought yourself a pair, don’t worry, you can rent the right ones with us at a cheap price and change it for another pair if weather conditions change.

Do shoes and helmets get disinfected before you rent them anew?

This is out of question. All shoes are dried and rendered free of germs by ionizing radiation, and all helmet linings are washed. 

When should I return my gear?

It is important to return your gear on the last day of service and not the day after. If you return it in the morning the day after, you will be charged for an extra full day of rental.

Ski Hire Bansko

I have never skied before, what type of skis do I need?

You need beginner piste skis, which will provide you with extra stability in the curves.

What are premium skis?

Premium skis come at a higher price for a reason. Premium skis are about premium built, patented technologies. There is a huge difference in brand to brand experience. The only way you know if a HEAD, Atomic, Fischer or other skis are better is to try a pair. It is not about best or better skies, it is about the ones that are best for you.

Are there premium skis for beginners?

All of the skis we rent out at White Wolf are of excellent quality. Of course, you can spend a bit more if you want something special.

Can I change my skies if they don't feel good?

Of course you can. Fitting at the rental center does not guarantee you 100% comfort on the slopes. More often it is about the ski boots, and the length of skis. We will give you the best pair of skis according to your height, but as a beginner you can try skiing with a shorter ones to see if you perform better. You can change you skis as many times as you need for free.

Do beginner skis need maintenance?

Yes, it does. It all depends on the snow conditions. All of our skis are daily checked and serviced if needed.

Can someone steal my skis?

In 90% of the cases, it is not about someone stealing, but mistakenly taking your skis while you are having a break at a restaurant up in the mountains or at a coffee shop close to the Gondola Ski Lift. There are lots of beginner skiers who can carelessly pick your instead of their own pair. Yours will always pop up, but a problem arises if it happens on your last day of skiing. In these rare cases you will have to pay for the skis. and we will do our best to reimburse you once we find them. We have no choice, but to charge you as we can never be 100% sure that we will find them. Don’t worry, we will give you explicit instructions on what measures to take and how to avoid this.

What happens if I damage the equipment?

It’s hard to damage the skis in a way that we cannot repair them. We work with premium quality equipment with excellent durability. Anything can happen though, and if we are unable to repair them you have to pay for it. It never happens on the ski slopes, it is always off-piste and you should take responsibility.

What happens if I lose my skis or ski sticks?

If you lose your skis, you have to pay for it. We will investigate the problem and try to find your gear as fast as possible. We know all the personnel of Ski Zone Bansko, the ski patrol, as well as most of the ski instructors who can look for them and help us find them. If such an incident occurs, please inform us as soon as possible.

Can I buy the pair of skis I have rented?

The chance you fall in love with the skis you have rented from us is big. It truly depends on the pair, but in most cases we will allow you to. As a rental we buy in bulk and enjoy great discounts from suppliers. We want to make our customers happy, and we will sell it to you at a much lower price than the retail one.

Snowboard Hire Bansko

Is snowboarding dangerous?

Most winter sports, especially the extreme ones can be dangerous. It truly depends on how approaching snowboarding in general. We strongly recommend learning to stop and control the snowboard first. Speed will naturally come with practice.

I am overweight. How difficult will snowboarding be for me?

Well, falling is equally painful regardless of weight. The heavier you are the easier you pick up speed and speed matters. You will feel pressure maintaining the right body position. The pressure is mainly on your knees and back, which is slightly less while skiing. 

Do you offer premium snowboard for beginner skiers?

Yes, we do. Premium snowboard hire will cost you more, and it truly depends on your budget. There are lots of benefits of hiring premium, but what counts more is your will to learn. All of the snowboards we rent out are excellent in terms of quality and durability.

Can I change my snowboard if I don't feel it suits me well?

Of course, you can. We strongly recommend and advise our customers on paying attention on how they feel stopping, turning or speeding up. A shorter snowboard will let you turn easily, but may not be good for speeding up and your overall stability on piste. We will change your snowboard as many times as you want for free.

I have heard that rental snowboard boots are not good. Is that true?

Well, snowboarding boots are wearing out faster than ski boots. Worn out snowboard boots are not only bad, but dangerous as they do not fit right on our feet and ankles regardless how hard you tie them. Worn out boots give you less control and demand more pressure in turns. You get tired fast and you may feel extreme pain even after a 15 minute run. The snowboard boots we rent out are of excellent quality and replaced with new ones before the beginning of each winter season.

I am overweight and have bulky ankles. Do you have snowboard boots for me?snow

You should not be worried as this is a problem of the past. Snowboard manufacturers are aware of the problem, and now most of them have product lines for people like you. Have a piece of mind with us you are covered across several brands.

I have skinny ankles and narrow heels. Do you have snowboard boots for me?

Yes, we do. We rent out specially designed snowboard boots for people like you. If these don’t fit we provide butterfly wraps and tongue/shim padding, so that you get the shoe comfort everybody does.

Should I rent or buy snowboard boots?

Provided that you plan to regularly ski, investing in a new pair of snowboard boots is a must do. We recommend finding and visiting a professional snowboard retailer with fitting facility. If you plan to ski once to twice a year, save your money and go renting ones.

Do I need wrist guards?

All the snowboard gloves we rent out come with wrist guards. Yes, wrist guards are equally important for beginner to expert snowboarders. 

Do I need back protector?

We rent out back protectors and we strongly recommend wearing one as well. They don’t cost much as well. Falling is part of the process of learning, you should be ready for it regardless of experience and ability.

I have seen that most snowboarders do not wear a helmet. Do I need to wear one?

You should be stupid not to wear one. A snowboard helmet can save your life. It saved ours a couple of times.

Ski Lessons Bansko

Beginner Skiers
  • Never skied before
  • Willing to learn
  • Ready for severe muscle strain
  • Ready to fall
Intermediate beginners
  • Able to ski on nursery slopes
  • Able to use magic carpet
  • Able to use handle tows
  • Able to control speed and direction
  • Able to stop using snow-plough
Advanced beginners
  • Able to ski on nursery slopes
  • Able to ride all lifts
  • Confident control of speed
  • Confident control of direction
  • Basic ability to turn
Intermediate Skiers
  • Able to ski on blue slopes
  • Able to control speed on high speed areas
  • Able to stop on high speed areas
  • Able to evaluate distance and speed of other skiers
  • Confident to turn and zigzag
Intermediate Advanced Skiers
  • Able to flawlessly ski on blue runs
  • Able to ski on red runs
  • Having problems on hard-pressed and icy slopes
  • Losing control on moguls and deep snow 
Advanced Skiers
  • Able to confidently ski on red runs
  • Confident in skiing in all weather and snow conditions
  • Confident in skiing on crowded slopes
  • Able to get down most black runs
  • Challenged by moguls and off-piste
  • Willing to improve on carving
Expert skiers
  • Able to confidently ski on all black runs
  • Able to get down most itinerary routes
  • Willing to improve speed in carving
  • Willing to improve jumps
  • Willing to learn tricks in freestyle park
Individual | One on One | Private Lessons

Individual or one on one ski lessons are highly recommended to all skiers regardless of their ability level who want to learn fast. During this type of ski lessons you learn to ski with dedicated ski instructor. Individual lessons can be half- or full day and cost much more than group lessons. We strongly recommend if you are not on a budget

Private 1 - 3 pax Lessons

We offer discounted price for private ski lessons for groups of 1 to 3 persons.  All skiers should share the same skiing ability level and speak the same language, so that they understand the ski instructor.

Private Couples Lessons

There was a great demand and we have started offering private lessons for couples. To benefit from our discounts on private lessons couples should fulfill some basic criteria:

  • Both skiers should be either on the same or slightly different ability level
  • Both skiers should speak the same language, so that they perfectly understand the ski instructor
  • Both skiers should take at least a full day of ski lessons /4 hours/
Family Ski Lessons

These lessons are type of private small group lessons specially dedicated to families. Family members can share or not the same skiing ability level. In case they don’t the skiers with higher ability level usually help the ski instructor in teaching the other members of the family. To book their lessons and benefit from our discounts families should present a document justifying their relationship.

Group Ski Lessons

Groups are recommended to those feeling comfortable learning in a group. You are taking your ski lessons as a part of group of up to 12 people, which share your skiing ability level. Group lessons can be half- or full day. With the half-day lessons taking place in the morning from 9:00 to 11:00 or from 10:00 to 12:00. Full-day lessons continue in afternoon from 13:00 to 15:00 or 14:00 to 16:00. 

Off-piste Private Lessons

These are a type of private lessons dedicated to those skiers who want to go for the extreme. For more information and bookings  feel free to contact us using our contact form.

Ski Touring

For ski touring information, please send an enquiry no later than two weeks prior to take on.