White Wolf Ski offers a wide range of ski lessons to suit every taste and ability level. We work with the best ski schools in Bansko and give group ski lessons ourselves. To say that we are the best or better than the others will be an exageration, but we know our job. We work with professional ski instructors only. We work with friends and people we know for years. We know who is good and prefers to work with kids, who has hard times with beginner-, intermediate- or advanced skiers. Age, gender, foreign language ability level, physical condition it is all taken care of. We will do our best to find you the ski instructor you want, and an instructor that will actually teach you to ski. Learning in a group is the most popular and cheapest way to learn to ski. People just feel comfortable learning in a group and in case you are on a budget this is the way to go. Our group ski lessons are great, but before booking you there a few important questions that need to be answered.

Half-day or Full-day Group Ski Lessons

A half-day ensures two hours of lessons, while a full-day double that time. Half-day lessons start from 9:00 or 10:00 in the morning and end at 11:00 or 12:00 at noon respectively. A full-day adds another block of two hours usually from 13:00 or 14:00 until 15:00 or 16:00 in the afternoon. We strongly recommend  the you book full-day group lessons. Full-day lessons come at a discount and if you are serious about learning to ski or improving your skills two hours of lessons are not enough. Skiing is a  demanding sport, which can be mastered only if you are in excellent physical condition and take your time to strengthen your muscles and practice. of course it all depends on your holiday schedule, your ability level, and whether your body can handle the set of four hours. Sore muscles 
Packages come at a discount, and we strongly recommend booking a set of days, instead of booking on daily basis. A half-day of lessons equals two consecutive hours of lessons, which usually start at 9:00 or 10:00 in the morning. In some rare cases, during the wings of the season when there are more ski instructors avaiable, you can take half-day lessons in the afternoon. So it is in the morning, and you should be aware that nor the ski instructor, nor the group will wait for you in case you get late. To picture it right, a ten minute delay may cost you half an hour or more of lessons because it takes time to find your group. 

The Right Group Size

What group size is the right one and why does it matter so much? Well, the bigger the group, the more money the ski school will make. 24 wannabe skiers can be allocated in four, three, two or even a single group. Why paying four ski instructors when you can pay three? Why paying three ski instructors when  you can pay too?
Don’t worry!! There are industry standards, which we strictly follow. We gave you an example of what may happen to you if you are careless to book with the wrong guys. Often these are small, inexperienced ski schools, which are severely understaffed. Their ski instructors can be great, but the quality of ski lessons is absent. If the group is bigger than 12 people and you are the last in the row, you will barely hear the ski instructor speaking. We work with the best ski schools in Bansko. Unlike most of the other ski rental centers, which broadly promote their ‘top quality’ in-house ski lesson services, we work with the best ski schools in Bansko. Yes, we profit less, but the price and benefits for you the end customer remains the same. By booking with us, you benefit from our leverage and expertise. White Wolf Ski is  is

Ski Lessons for beginners

On the surface it is all clear.  You are a beginner, beginner lessons cost more or less the same across all ski schools. Well, what happens if you are not learning at the pace you want. What if the others are learning too slow, you are doing the same exercises instead of learning something new. What if they are that bad and you are snowploughing for three days in a row instead of actually learning to ski? What if there are two or three people in your group that are much better and skilful that you are? The slope your instructor took you to is too steep, you feel you are doing much, but you lack control and feel insecure? We will do our checks. We will ask a lot of questions, and do our best to put you in a group, in which you can actually learn to ski. We will communicate on a daily basis. We will track you progress and allocate you to a second or third group if you feel you are not learning at the pace you want. Skiing has an endless learning curve. It is the best, but not the easiest sport to master. We try to provide maximum value for all our customers according to their ability level. 

Group Ski Lessons for intermediate skiers

Should you book beginner ski lessons or should you book intermediate ones? This is a question that 90% of the customers who skied once or twice before always start with. Well, you have been a beginner and now you are something else. You may have not reached the intermediate level yet, but there is no point starting from the very begining. Don’t waste a day, join a group for intermediates and see how it goes. There is no problem to change it, if you feel you are fit. It is just that skiers are somewhat excited by skiing and mix the pricess of learning with cementing the basic level. Life is short, play hard. 90% of you ski only a couple of days a year, don’t waste a day. In order to properly evaluate your ability level and book the right set of ski lessons, please check our FAQ section. 

Group Ski Lessons for advanced skiers

We know who can take you to the next level. Most of the ski instructors in Bansko are excellent skiers. They can do it themselves, but are no certified and do not know how to get you to the next level. The learning curve of skiing is endless. Skiing can be dangerous. Correct your mistakes, the earlier, the better. 

  1. Learn to balance right. Correct balance too forward.
  2. Learn optimal extension. Correct overextension in turn transition.
  3. Learn ski pressure. Adjust theory to body size and style.
  4. Learn bumps and mogul absorption. Correct premature absorption. 
  5. Leave your mark. Correct park and ride.

Ski Instructor age, gender, foreign language skills

Well, these ones matter too. Why foreign language skills matter is pretty obvious, you would like to thoroughly understand your ski instructors. We work with the most reputable ski schools, but not with all of their ski instructors. There are many instructors who are excellent skiers, but whose English is poor and fail to deliver. There are ski instructors who are great with kids and families, other that prefer intermediate or advanced skiers. At White Wolf Ski we will take our time to satisfy you needs and find you the ski instructor you want. Is it possible? Yet, it is. The ski schools we work with have more 300 ski instructor employees.

Cancellation and Refunds

These are important too, and we want to be explicitly clear, so that you receive the service you want and don’t make a choice you will regret after. Ski instructors work and are paid by the hour. In case you decide to cancel your lessons or let us say go from a full-day to half-day lessons, they cannot magically find someone on the street and fill their schedule. It is the same if you want to upgrade from half-day to full-day lessons. We try to serve our customers in the best possible way, and we will find you a group, but we are limited. There is no way we can simply upgrade or downgrade your ski lessons. First, we have to change your ski instructor, which is a tough task especially during the high season when most of the ski instructors are busy. Second, it is hard to get you a refund for something that has been paid and arranged. To some extent it is a bit easy with group ski lessons as you are one of eight in a group, but much harder to do if you booked private ski lessons.